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    Scandium Sc 99.99% rein Metall Nugget Barren von 1gr bis 5kg

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    Scandium Sc 99.99% rein Metall Element 21 Nugget Barren von 1gr bis 5k

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    Scandium is a transitional metal and is assigned to the metals of rare earth. Since the density of scandium is below 5.0 g/cm³, it is one of the light metals. At room temperature, it is soft and in air it becomes matte under a protective oxide layer. Scandium metal is soluble in water and hydrogen formation. The finely distributed powder from Scandium has pyrophobic properties, meaning it can ignite by itself.

    As a scandium iodide, scandium metal is used in high-performance high-pressure mercury vapour lamps. These are usually used for stadium lighting. Scandium is also used in laser crystals. Without scandium, the production of hydrogen chlorine is hardly imaginable, because it is an important component in the catalyst. Scandium alloys are also used in the modern bicycle industry and in aircraft construction for particularly lightweight components.

    The main applications of Scandium Metal are:

    • High-performance high-pressure mercury vapour lamps;
    • Laser crystals.
    • Scandium alloys in bicycle construction (frame) and aircraft construction (some components).
    • Scandium has the following properties:
    • Light metal;
    • Corrosion resistant to the air;
    • soluble in water and hydrochloric acid;
    • Pyrophor in powder form.
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    Scandium Sc 99.99% rein Metall Nugget Barren von 1gr bis 5kg
    211,97 €